A Community Working Together to End Violence Against Women

  • Fostering a united effort among professional agencies and organizations in order to promote community awareness regarding violence against women.
  • Coordinate and promote public and professional education regarding the issues of violence against women.

Welcome to SLCCVAW!


A community working together to end violence against women.


Using our collective voice to provide education and advocacy towards the achievement of equality in relationships and zero tolerance of abuse against women.

Core Values:

Collaborative, Responsive and Proactive: We believe in working with the community to raise awareness and encourage the creation of new ideas and solutions.

Integrity – We operate, in all respects, within the highest ethical standards; accountable to our clients, member agencies and community.

Equality in all Relationship: We believe in the principle of mutual respect and trust between peoples of all ages, gender, race, nationality and religion.

Zero Tolerance: We do not tolerate any type of abuse against women including: physical, sexual, emotional, economic abuse and controlling behaviours.

Passion and Commitment: We are dedicated to working with people and organizations that share our passion and commitment towards ending abuse against women.